Code-level data flow visibility

Manage data governance in your SDLC. Stay ahead of privacy violations and business disruptions by controlling data exposure and minimizing faulty code.

Automated AI code auditing

Log leaks & SBOM reports

CI/CD pipeline integration

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Flows: How it works


Optionally connect to your CI/CD process in minutes.


Discover sensitive data traces in specific lines of code.


Send detailed remediation guidance and context to your developers.


Why customers choose Piiano

“Piiano Vault offers an outstanding solution for the protection of sensitive data, particularly within the healthcare sector. With Piiano Vault, we have gained the necessary tools to effectively address customer concerns, enabling us to concentrate on our core business.”

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Tomer Dayan

Software, Cloud, and DataOps Leader, Asensus

"We don't specialize in tokenization, and as a security-focused company, we wanted experts to handle it professionally without slowing down our development. Piiano Vault delivers that expertise, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing latency."

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VP of Engineering, Fraud Detection Company

"Piiano is an exceptional privacy vault for developers looking to safeguard customer data. Piiano's encryption, data retention and key rotation features ensure that customer data is always secure and compliant with privacy regulations."

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Simon Yofe

VPR&D @ Viventium

"Finding a comprehensive data protection solution had been a long-standing challenge, with compliance, risk and scalability concerns weighing on our minds. Piiano Vault not only relieved this burden but also offered an efficient, expert-driven solution that allowed us to meet client requirements and achieve a company-wide sense of security."

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VP of Data, Fintech-Healthcare Company

“If you’re interested in PCI-DSS compliance, Piiano’s product is simple, seamless to integrate and will save you all the headache of building components yourself. While comparing the cost, we realized it will save around 80% vs. competitors”

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Haroon Hameed

Duality CEO

“We're very proud of our efforts to create and bring to market the first privacy focused AI device, but our achievements to date and future roadmap wouldn't have been possible without Piiano.”

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Matt Damko

Security lead, Rabbit


Mapping sensitive data in codebases is hard work.

Developers continuously change code, moving and touching data in your applications. We automate code auditing for multiple, growing codebases.

Know where data goes in your code.

Log leaks

Piiano Flows scans for logging APIs and will flag them for you, providing a full trace of the data being leaked.

Receiving sensitive data

Piiano Flows scans for PII and sensitive data received by RESTful APIs.

Sharing sensitive data

Piiano Flows scans for PII data being shared via external SDKs and APIs. No more shadow services.

Data inventory

Piiano Flows scans for persistently stored PII in database tables.

Stop chasing data privacy violations!

We guarantee that we will uncover hidden issues in your codebase.

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Dashboard or weekly feed?

Easily customize Piiano Flows to enforce privacy policies. Optionally receive weekly reports to your email or Slack, or just use our dashboard.


Get alerts on code changes that directly puts your sensitive data at risk.


Address data privacy violations according to level of risk.


Identify data risks directly in faulty code lines with guidance to fix them.


Accelerate implementation and assessment of SBOM/HIPAA/PCI-DSS/CCPA and GDPR (RoPA - article 30).


Run Piiano Flows locally and integrate it to your CI/CD. We don’t need to access your source code!


Gain full and accurate coverage with our proprietary NLP ML model.


Define your own privacy policies, proprietary data types and their risk levels.

Security & OWASP

Understand how to secure your data in your code and avoid OWASP logging issues (e.g. CWE-532).


Start working with Piiano Flows' findings in minutes.

Code scanning? Really?

Your time is valuable. Piiano Flows only surfaces critical findings. Discover how we’re not a YACST (yet another code scanner tool).

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Questions & Answers

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How can I scan my repository?

Why do I need to scan my code?

What information will I get by scanning my repository?

Which OWASP issues are covered?

Accelerating privacy impact assessments (PIA/DPIA) with Piiano Flows​

Can I get a data map for my application for GDPR article 30?

What are the supported programming languages?

How long does it take to scan a repository?

How does this technology work?

What should I do if I want to use Piiano Flows without sharing the source code with Piiano?

Some scans take longer or don’t return any useful reports. What should I do?

Can the scanning results be shared with others?

What is a code scanner?

Data cataloging with Piiano Flows

How much does it cost to use Piiano Flows?

Am I limited in any way using Piiano Flows?

How long will my scan results be saved?

What do you do with my source code and data?

Do you share my code and data with anyone?

How secure is your system?

Why should I trust you with my source code?

How do I ensure you don’t have access to my repository anymore?

Where do I report bugs, errors, or just honest feedback?

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