Ship code that keeps customer data private

Drive proactive remediation with Piiano Flows. Scan your source continuously to find code that could expose sensitive customer data.

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Piiano Flows

Secure your application from code to production

Piiano Flows identifies potential data leaks in your application code from the start of development. Detect risk and get remediation guidance to fix data leakages quickly and ship secure code faster.

Find and fix leaks early

Find issues in your source code during development.

Security by design

Bring data security to code, developers, and AppSec teams.

Developer-driven security

Fix issues in the code before going to production.

Step 1

Configure your scans

Define the privacy and data security policies for potential violations you want Flows to scan.

Step 2

Embed Piiano Flows into your CI/CD

Use AI automation to continuously scan all your codebases.

Step 3

Identify violations

Find issues such as spilling PII to logs, database schema changes, and more. All with full code trace and details of the developer to inform.

Step 4

Get alerts on violations to Slack and email

Prevent new sensitive customer data exposure risks in your application by alerting developers as soon as issues are found.

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