Security ninjas ahead

We are a highly skilled team of software security and engineering professionals, boasting a collective experience of many decades in both hands-on work and management roles.
Our expertise lies in security research and development and privacy engineering.
As white-hat security researchers our background includes hacking Android and iPhone devices, breaking in Windows and browsers and even penetrating F100 corporate networks.
Previously we founded a boutique cybersecurity firm which was later acquired, and we held a unique position of leading and managing product security and privacy over 700 engineers.

We started Piiano because the internet needs great infrastructure to protect sensitive data at scale.

Our Values

We love building the best security infrastructure.

Customer Experience

We prioritize the customer experience in everything we build and do, from product to support.

Shifting Left

We design our products to encourage developers to build securely.

Privacy Matters

Collecting customer data is both a privilege and a responsibility. It must be protected with modern infrastructure.

Long Term

We believe in building infrastructure that lasts and changes the industry.

Life's Short

We take pride in what we do and want to work only with like-minded people.


We believe that everything begins with good people first.

Problems We Solve

Data breaches, lack of data access controls and data protection implementation

Market Problems

Great data security for cloud applications is a never ending challenge against the rising cyber threats.

The technology complexity and diversity are so high, the R&D velocity is even higher, and there's still no infrastructure to protect customers' data.

Privacy regulations keep on evolving around the world and are hard to implement.

Customer trust is hard to gain, let alone keeping their privacy and confidentiality.


Build secure applications by utilizing our powerful APIs designed for backend and application developers. Only they can secure the data by design.

Standardize encryption and tokenization through the R&D teams to get centralized management and controls over sensitive data wherever it may be.

Get privacy controls out of the box by using our infrastructure. We will make sure it's futureproof.

Accelerate your data protection program and use bulletproof security infrastructure to save your customers.

Our Founders

We redefine how enterprises protect customer data

Piiano was founded in 2021 by Gil Dabah (CEO) and Ariel Shiftan, PhD (CTO). They have been working together for over 13 years now.

The duo has been frustrated with how the security industry keeps on trying to fight data breaches with detection-based technologies. Coming GDPR, it gives new meaning and techniques on how to work with customer personal data.

They saw a clear need in highly regulated industries for a fresh take on protecting data at the core. And an opportunity to build engineering infrastructure to solve both privacy and security application level problems.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and now working with a team of 20, Gil and Ariel continue to push the Piiano Paradigm of how enterprises should tackle data protection in scale.

Meet our leadership team

Piioneering privacy and security engineering

Gil Dabah

CEO & Co-Founder

Ariel Shiftan

PhD, CTO & Co-Founder

David Erel


Guy Feigenblat

PhD,  Director of AI

Tomer Segev


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Advisory Board

Christopher Donewald

Former Director of Privacy & Trust @ Affirm

Justinian Fortenberry

CISO @ Etsy

Megan Cristina

Former Chief Privacy Officer @ Slack

Paola Zeni

Chief Privacy Officer @ RingCentral

Rachna Bhasin

Independent Board Director @ ShutterStock, @ Ryman

Stacey Halota

VP information security and privacy @ Graham Holdings

Gunnar Peterson

CISO @ Forter


Including founders of:


Why customers choose Piiano

Engineering managers love what we do, it saves them incredible amount of development time. They are saying our level of support and documentation is excellent.

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