You should join us if you love software engineering, security, privacy and working with great people

Our benefits

We have fun and take pride in building our products

Change The World

We're here on a mission to fight data breaches and change how data protection is done in enterprises.

Learn From The Best

We have a team of hardcore professionals with proven track-record in security. Everyday learning new things guaranteed.


We love taking on challenges, always striving to get better, and we want to hear criticism too.

Team Playing

We believe working together is key to our success, running faster and farther together.

Hybrid Work From Home

We work 3 days from the office and 2 days from home. Balancing between family life and startup life.

Taking Vacations

We actually urge our employees to take vacations. The world wouldn't end with us not working for a few weeks.

I joined Piiano driven by a desire for personal growth and a passion for excellence. Seeing the team’s remarkable talent and unwavering commitment to upholding high standards and values captivated me and created an enjoyable and intellectually stimulating environment.

Ori Shalom

Senior Software Engineer

Open positions

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