Piiano SaaS Vault

Service Level Agreement (“SLA”)

March 7th 2024

Piiano aims to ensure the maximum availability of its services using commercially reasonable efforts, with uptime guarantees indicated below. This SLA is specific to the Piiano SaaS Vault services for paid customers, excluding other Piiano products (Piiano Self-Hosted Vault and Piiano Flows).

Vault Service Commitments

The SLA for the Vault Service has an uptime of 99.9%. This is the main operational component that stores and manages data.

Service Credits

Piiano aims to meet the aforementioned Quarterly Uptime Percentages. If these targets are not met, you may be eligible for the following Service Credits, which will be applied to your subsequent license period.

Vault - Quarterly Uptime Percentage
Service Credit
< 99.9% but >= 99.0% 5%
< 99.0% 10%

Note that the Pro plan's service credit is 99.5%.

Data Backup

Vault data is backed up daily within the same region as the Vault for a period of up to 30 days. Point in time recovery is available for the data. For cross-region backup arrangements, customers should notify Piiano before starting to use Vault in their production environment.

Vault Console Service Commitments

The SLA for the Vault Console Service has an uptime of 99%.

⚠️The console is a separate component that manages Vault Service and runs independently along side it. Even if the Vault Console is unavailable, that does not impact the Vault’s availability.

Service Credits

Piiano aims to meet the aforementioned Quarterly Uptime Percentages. If these targets are not met, you may be eligible for the following Service Credits, which will be applied to your subsequent bill.

Vault Console - Quarterly Uptime Percentage Service Credit
< 99.0% but >= 95.0% 5%
< 95.0% 10%

Customer Obligations

To be eligible for credits, customers are required to:

  1. Promptly report service disruptions through designated channels.
  2. Provide detailed information about the service disruption, including time and impact, and assist Piiano in investigating the cause of the Downtime and processing your claim.
  3. Configure your services following Piiano’s recommended best practices for optimal performance and reliability.


"Vault" refers to the provisioned secure data storage service.

"Vault Console" refers to the hosted User Interface (UI), facilitating the management of Vault.

"Quarter" refers to a calendar quarter.

"Maintenance Window" is the prearranged time slot for performing maintenance activities, such as upgrades, patches for security or bug fixes, cluster optimization, and cloud infrastructure maintenance.

"Service Credits" are compensation provided to customers when Downtime exceeds the SLA commitments outlined in this document.

“Data Operations” are limited to the following APIs of read/write, encrypt/decrypt and tokenize/detokenize.

“Control Operation” is any operation that manages Vault. Technically, an API in the /ctl namespace that the Console Service uses.

Definition of Downtime and Uptime

“Downtime” measures the total minutes when the service cannot perform data operations or respond within the default timeout period. Downtime is calculated per system quarterly. The uptime percentage is calculated as follows:

((total minutes in a Quarter - Downtime)/(total minutes in a Quarter))100 (*)


  1. Pre-scheduled maintenance windows.
  2. Any Control Operation on the Vault Service that doesn’t break Data Operations.

Downtime calculation starts when either of these two events occur:

  1. Piiano detects service degradation.
  2. A confirmed customer report of a critical service issue.

Downtime concludes when service is restored. Downtime is recorded only for a full minute. Partial minutes are not counted.

(*) For customers provisioned mid-quarter, the uptime will be considered pro-rata from the start of the onboarding month. All minutes until the customer provisioning are considered 100% uptime.


Downtime does not include, and you will not be eligible for a Service Credit for, any performance or availability issue that results from:

  1. Factors outside of our reasonable control, including without limitation natural disaster, war, acts of terrorism, riots, government action, network attacks and/or a network or device failure at your site or between your site and the Piiano Cloud service;
  2. Complete Cloud provider regional failure for the specific cloud services that Piiano relies on.
  3. Improper or unreasonable use of the cloud services.
  4. Sandbox environments or any service not under a paid subscription.

Maintenance Windows

Maintenance Windows for Vault Service are scheduled for the first Sunday of each month between 9am-10am UTC, with a maximum disruption of 30 minutes within this period.

Maintenance Windows for Vault Console are scheduled every Sunday from 10am-11am UTC.

Piiano may occasionally schedule a different maintenance window, provided a minimum of 2 days advance notice is given to the customer. Notwithstanding, Piiano reserves the right to perform urgent Maintenance activities as soon as they are required.